Operational Processes

WIFFA Freight Wholesaler Platform is a freight forwarders' system of freight trading and partner seeking in China and worldwide among WIFFA members. The freight demanding forwarders who have cargo resources may establish long term partnership with the freight wholesalers who have contracts with shipping owners for better freight rate. Meanwhile, WIFFA provides guarantee service, such as Freight-Pay and Freight Credit Union to prevent the risks. The implementation procedure is as follows:

1.Apply for WIFFA Member:
    Only WIFFA members have the account to qualify into the trading platform to deal with other members. WIFFA members are divided into two: Freight Wholesalers and Freight Demanders.

2.Improve Corporate Information:
    After WIFFA member obtain the qualification account, it is necessary to login and improve corporate information in the platform, including company profiles, phone numbers and other business details, which will allow business opportunities each other.

3.Information Releasing:
    WIFFA member may further publish its information of tradable freight and other offers and requires, and then to form business home page, so that it is easier for other members of the active query to conclude business deals.

4.Partner Seeking:
    There is a large amount of business information for WIFFA members, and each member could make search to seek partner for business deals and long term cooperation with domestic or overseas WIFFA members.

5.Engage in Intent Letters:
    The members who have the intention of cooperation with others may sign an Intent Letters on line for long term cooperation. After the signing of agreements, business is guaranteed under WIFFA regulations.

6.Payment Security:
    WIFFA provides guarantee service, such as Freight-Pay, Freight Credit Union, to prevent the risks like freight payment and B/L for all members. Each member have right to apply for the service.

Member Service Center

  • TEL: +86-411-82817405
  • FAX: +86-411-82819612
  • Email: wiffa@qq.com
  • Contact: Lucy Bee