> How to create an account?

To create an account, an invitation code sent by Service Center staff is required. If you did not receive the invitation code, please call our Service Center at 86-411-82817405 or send email to wiffa@wiffaorg.com for inquiry.
Three Steps to Create An Account:
1. Click "Create Account" link in the Register Page
2. Input the invitation code into the "Create Account" page, set up your login name together with other information required and submit.
3. Upon the successful creation information pops up, please log in with your newly created login name and password.

> What kinds of Chinese freight forwarding groups are included in WIFFA?
    How to search for and contact companies suitable for your business?

Chinese Freight Forwarding groups of WIFFA System include Sino Freight Wholesaler and Sino Freight Demanders. The former is a freight forwarding enterprise who has specific sea course freight price with shipowner company and could do business with other freight forwarding companies. The latter is the one who has fixed freight source and hope to collaborate with other freight forwarding companies to get better freight price.

Searching Method: Click "Sino Freight Wholesaler" or "Sino freight demanders" in the left menu to enter into the index page. By clicking screen item suitable with your requirement or searching via index column to find out partner companies under your requirement quickly.

Contact Information: Enter into the home page of "Sino Freight Wholesaler" or "Sino freight demanders" to check the company's detailed information and its more advantages. If it meets your requirement, you may send message in the SNS, make telephone call or send Cooperation Agreement to contact it. You may also contact our Service Center staff directly for business cooperation.

> I am an Oversea Member and how to show my advantages?

There are 3 ways to show your company advantage.
1. By adding "Collaborative Freight Price Course" to be quickly found by companies who have requirements in the WIFFA System Matching function.
2. By completing company profile to be well known by companies who have demands thus to establish foundation of the cooperation.
3. By releasing supply-demand information instantly through the platform with update advantage prices and routes in a striking news form, you will be rapidly founed by other companies.

> What is the Cooperation Agreement?

It is an agreement signed by the two parties under the request of WIFFA to establish a long cooperation relationship between members. It requires the two parties to comply with the WIFFA Rules and Regulation.
The Agreement is initiated and applied by one party, another party has the privilege to accept or deny with it. Upon the success of application, the two parties may enjoy all information sources together.

> What kind of benefit may I enjoy via WIFFA System?

1. Seek for Freight Forwarding Agencies: You may find members who have corporate freight price with shipowner of all courses with almost all of the ports in the country. To get much more lower price via cooperation with the Wholesaler to improve your capability of business and service range.
2. Freight Dealing: If you are a member who has corporate freight price of a course by yourself, you may expand business and attract more from coteries via WIFFA service. To make your company bigger and stronger through online and offline business opportunities.
3. Payment Crediting: WIFFA offers you the Payment Crediting service. It ensures the safety of businesses between two member parties, to release B/L within 3 days and settle the freight payment within 10 days. RMB50 million will be provided as freight guarantee by Payment Crediting service.