About Freight-Pay

Freight-Pay is a safety payment product of freight, which is created by www.shippingchina.com and Hua Xia Bank. Among freight forwarders as well as shippers and forwarders in different region and overseas. Shippingchina is responsible for business handling, and Hua Xia Bank is responsible for freight payment's supervision and release.

Any forwarder logistics enterprise, all can apply Freight-Pay service online.

Service Range of Freight-Pay

  • Domestic and Overseas
  • Freight Forwarders and Foreign Trade Companies
  • Between Freight Forwarders
  • Different Regions

Superiority of Freight-Pay

Ensure the safety 0f documents and payment's to protect two parties.
Supervision by Bank and credit guaranteed
Easy application and operation
No mortgage and lowest cost

Operation Procedure

  1. Apply for Membership
  2. Approval
  3. Business Submitting
  4. Pay Freight
  5. Confirmation
  6. Release freight and B/L

Service Charge Percentage

Currency Used: RMB (as per China official exchange rate to other currency)

Business Trade Volume Service Charge
RMB 0 - 60,000 1.20%( RMB200 will be charged to each business deal as service fee )
RMB 60,000 - RMB 500,000 1.00%
RMB 500,000 - RMB 1Million 0.90%
RMB 1Million - RMB 2Million 0.80%
RMB 2Million - RMB 5Million 0.70%
RMB 5Million Tailor-made Program

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